Our Fleet

Northrock operates a fleet of 9 Reedrill SCH5000CL (GD5000) blast hole drills, 2 Drilltech DK40S blast hole drills, 2 specialist excavator mounted DTH production drills and 5 ANFO trucks. Ancillary support equipment includes a fleet of light vehicles, IT loaders, service trucks, containerised workshops and water trailers.

This fleet allows for the provision of true drill and blast packages, whereby Northrock relies on the client for very little in terms of onsite support.

A well equipped workshop located in Karratha is central to the maintenance of the equipment. All the SCH5000CL drills are low hour current model units in excellent condition.

These drills have the capacity to drill 76mm to 127mm vertical or angled holes to depths of 30m and up to 165mm holes to depths of 12m.

The DK40S units are large down the hole hammer (DTH) production drills that drill up to 311mm diameter holes and have an application in large open cast mining operations.

The truck mounted ANFO mobilemixing units (MMU) allow Northrock to ensure a timely bulk, down the hole dry blasting service, giving clients certainty of supply.

Complemented by innovative modular AN storage systems, the MMU’s and drills combine to provide a complete rock on ground service that is especially competitive in remote operations, in locations where supply from the major providers is logistically difficult or where volumes are such that establishment of such facilities by mainstream service providers is unviable.

Northrock can also provide MMU’s on a dry hire or wet hire basis for short or long term projects.

Clients can elect to service these trucks themselves or have Northrock service personnel maintain the equipment.