Our Services

Northrock provides the following services:

  • Production drill and blast (rock-on-ground) packages for mines and quarries
  • Civil construction – rail and road cuttings
  • Drill hire – wet or dry
  • Explosive supply
  • Contract blasting and blast optimisation
  • ANFO truck hire – wet or dry
  • Cable bolting and anchor bolting
  • Demolition – steel and ferro concrete
  • Non-explosive rock removal
  • Magazine hire and construction
  • Ammonium Nitrate Storage and Transport Systems

Other Products and Services

In addition to our core drill and blast business, Northrock can provide innovative solutions for various related activities.

These include:

  • Manufacture of modular Ammonium Nitrate storage systems
  • Manufacture of explosives magazines
  • Non-Explosive rock removal techniques
  • Demolition using penetrating and cutting charges.
The use of explosives is not limited to production drill and blast and Northrock may be able to provide a solution that is cheaper, faster and better. Northrock currently has excess production capacity and will provide competitive rates.